Zenaide Teixeira, a CPD technician in Med Device Reprocessing Services at Mackenzie Richmond Hill, is the Oct. 19 winner of the Foundation’s Pay Day Payout 50/50 staff lottery. She is taking home a cheque for $2,212.50.

Zenaide has been working at Mackenzie Health for 12 years as a CPD Technician. CPD Technicians are part of the surgery department and they sterilize surgery equipment. You need a specialized certificate to do this job.

Zenaide is most proud of the staff at the hospital. She recently took her nephew, 6, through the ER for appendicitis and gained some very positive first-hand perspective of the experience.

The mother of two, aged 9 and 12, is very excited for Mackenzie Health to be able to offer even better care and services in the future.

Zenaida spends a lot of her free time caring for her mother who just broke her hip and does not speak English. She plans to spend some of her money on herself and the rest for the upcoming holidays.

Many Mackenzie Health employees are supporting the Foundation by joining the bi-weekly Pay Day Payout 50/50 Staff Lottery, which strengthens Mackenzie Health’s culture of generosity and help raise awareness of the Foundation’s fundraising efforts.

Here’s how it works:

A total of 4,000 tickets will be printed and available per draw. Actual prize amount varies with participation to a maximum of $6000 per draw.

You can win half (50 per cent) of the proceeds (the value is dependent on the number of tickets sold). The other half will help purchase much needed state-of-the-art equipment and technology for Mackenzie Health.

Download the registration form or go online and sign up today!

Thank you to everyone who has signed up…and good luck

Draw Date

Oct. 19, 2017

Amount Won



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