ECHOage Your Next Party

Popular with busy families, ECHOage is an online birthday party website with a charitable twist.

Children learn the value of giving and receiving, while celebrating a birthday. Instead of buying presents, your guests make a donation online and your birthday boy or girl receives half  of the amount, with the other half going to Mackenzie Health Foundation to support your hospital.

ECHOage helps to make birthday parties more rewarding for the kids and less work for parents, while combining the good feeling of receiving with the great feeling of giving.

ECHOage isn’t only for kids. You can incorporate giving into your bridal or baby shower, milestone celebration or summer bash.

It’s Just A Few Easy Steps

Step 1 Register on and click Create an Invitation.

Step 2 Fill out all of the necessary party/event details. You may also choose to increase the percentage of proceeds you want donated to Mackenzie Health Foundation over the mandatory 50 per cent.

Step 3 Invite guests through the ECHOage site – it’s an easy way to send invitations and track RSVPs.

Step 4  You are done.