Nancy Shier Russell of Mackenzie Richmond Hill post-anesthesia care unit is the June 29 50/50 Staff Lottery winner!

Nancy is taking home a cheque from the Foundation for $1,638.

Nancy has worked at Mackenzie Health for 17 years, first as a registered nurse in ICU and now in PACU. She has three sons in university and plans to work for at least another 10 years.

In fact, she currently walks to work every day because her sons use her car for school. Lucky for her she lives very close to her job.

Nancy is most proud of the people she works with.

“Mackenzie Health has great people,” she said.

With Mackenzie Health growing to a two site model, Nancy believes there will be many new opportunities and is looking forward to growing with Mackenzie Health.

Congratulations Nancy and a hearty shout out to everyone for taking part and supporting the hospital’s areas of greatest needs and for the compassionate care you provide our patients every day.

Be sure to sign up for fututer draws because you can’t win if you don’t have a ticket. Here’s what you could win with a payday payout:

  • A year’s supply of Tim Hortons breakfast
  • All-inclusive vacation to Playa Del Carmen
  • Invest in RSPs
  • Tax deductible donation to Mackenzie Health Foundation

Order your tickets using the enclosed registration form or go online at and sign up today!

Good luck!

Draw Date

June 29, 2017

Amount Won



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