Congratulations to Maria Anor of C3 Medicine. for winning $2,413.50 in the January 25 draw of Mackenzie Health Foundation’s Pay Day Payout Staff 50/50 Lottery.

Maria has been working at Mackenzie Health for 6 years as an RPN.

Her vision for the future of Mackenzie Health is to continue to provide a world class health experience to the clients through innovative practices, technology and compassionate dedication from health care providers.

Many Mackenzie Health employees are supporting the Foundation by joining the bi-weekly Pay Day Payout 50/50 Staff Lottery, which strengthens Mackenzie Health’s culture of generosity and help raise awareness of the Foundation’s fundraising efforts.

Here’s how it works:

A total of 4,000 tickets will be printed and available per draw. Actual prize amount varies with participation to a maximum of $6000 per draw.

You can win half (50 per cent) of the proceeds (the value is dependent on the number of tickets sold). The other half will help purchase much needed state-of-the-art equipment and technology for Mackenzie Health.

Will YOU be the next big winner on February 5?

Help us break the 800 player mark. The more people who sign up, the bigger the winning cheque! Download the registration form or sign up online today!

Thank you to everyone who has signed up…and good luck!


Draw Date

January 25, 2018

Amount Won





Mark Valentin – May 4 Winner

Mark Valentin, who works in linen and patient transport, is the first winner of the Mackenzie Health Foundation’s 50/50 staff lottery.

Joyce De Juan – April 15 Winner

Joyce De Juan takes home a cheque for $2,764.50!

Carolyn Anja – November 12 Winner

Carolyn Anja takes home a cheque for $2,686.50!

Errol Delgado – June 25 Winner

Errol Delgado, the latest winner of $2,600!

Kristina Pirri Del Favero – October 29, 2019 Winner

Kristina Pirri Del Favero takes home a cheque for $2,872.50!

Mackenzie Health Foundation 50/50 Staff Lottery Winner, Melissa Sweet, holding a cheque for $2,281

Melissa Sweet – November 2 Winner

The Nov. 2 staff lottery winner is Melissa Sweet, coordinator at the Centre for Behaviour Health Sciences.

Alison Lakin

Alison Lakin – May 18 Winner

Congratulations to Alison Lakin from the Centre for Behaviour Health Sciences.

Rose Pallotta – September 30, 2019 Winner

Rose Pallotta takes home a cheque for $2,800.50!

Jeannine Magill – February 5 winner

Jeannine Magill is the latest big winner, taking home a cheque for $2,409!

Trevi Brown – September 21 Winner

Emergency Dept. clinical utilization coordinator Trevi Brown takes home $2,137.50 as the Sept. 21 winner.

50/50 staff lottery winner Michelle Mitchell holding giant chq for $2,670

Michele Mitchell – September 17 Winner

Michele Mitchell takes home $2,670 – the largest win to date!

Anne Marie Jones – December 11 Winner

Anne Marie Jones takes home a cheque for $2,380.50!

Maria Paldino – August 6 Winner

Maria Paldino takes home a cheque for $2,578.50!

Sarah Lue

Sarah Lue – June 1 Winner

Sarah Lue of CKD Dialysis is the latest winner of the Foundation’s 50/50 staff lottery and takes home a whopping $1,456!

Christian Magdael – July 13 Winner

Hospital food service staff Christian Magdael is $1,812 richer following the June 29 draw.

50/50 staff lottery winner Nelson Cardoso holding a cheque for $2,700

Nelson Cardoso – October 29 Winner

NELSON CARDOSO takes home a cheque for $2,700 in the latest Staff 50/50 draw!

Angeli Persuad – September 3 2019 Winner

Angeli Persuad takes home a cheque for $2,776.50!

Sandra Lenarduzzi

Sandra Lenarduzzi – August 24 Winner

Sandra Lenarduzzi collects $2,005 as the Aug. 24 50/50 staff lottery winner.

Sophia King – February 19 Winner

Sophia King takes home a cheque for $2,761.50!

Zenaide Teixeira – October 19 Winner

CPD technician Zenaide Teixeira is the Oct. 19 winner of the Foundation’s Pay Day Payout 50/50 staff lottery.