Have you ever thought of thanking one of your – or your family member’s – physicians, nurses or health care professionals for the compassionate care received by making a donation in their honour? That’s exactly what Joe Bumbaca did.

A man from humble beginnings, 90-year-old Joe Bumbaca has always been philanthropic and generous. His generosity knows no bounds when it comes to his wife Antonietta.

Four years ago, Joe’s son took Antonietta to their longtime dentist for a root canal. As they were leaving, Joe’s son noticed Antonietta’s face drooping on one side and she tried to speak but couldn’t.

He rushed her to North York General Hospital, conveniently located close to their dentist. When Joe learned of what happened, he and his children rushed to be by Antonietta’s side. Doctors gave the family the devastating news that she had suffered a massive stroke.

After some time in the hospital, Antonietta’s condition stabilized. Knowing he wouldn’t be able to care for Antonietta on his own, Joe had to make a difficult decision regarding her future care.

Mackenzie Health’s (in partnership with UniversalCare Canada Inc.) long-term care facility was recommended to Joe, and after visiting, he knew it was the best place for his wife.

When Antonietta first arrived, she required surgery to remove a blood clot in her leg. The surgery performed by Dr. Ali O. Fiture was very successful, ultimately saving Antonietta’s life.

Extremely pleased with the exemplary care his wife received, Joe made a $5,000 gift to Mackenzie Health Foundation in honour of Dr. Fiture. His generosity didn’t stop there.

Joe recently gave $18,000 in honour of the 18 long-term care staff that are part of Antonietta’s care team at Mackenzie Health. For the past three-and-a half years, this same team also makes Joe feel welcomed and supported each and every day he visits his wife.

“They care about you, they value you and I’m thankful for them,” says Joe.

For Joe, giving and being kind to people comes naturally. As a young boy, he always gave to the less fortunate because he knew others might need it more than him. “When I was growing up, I always felt lucky for how much good luck I experienced. Now, I’m fortunate enough to give back to others,” says Joe.

He hopes that others who have experienced the warmth of Mackenzie Health give back to say thank you.

To find out more about making a donation in someone’s honour, call Mackenzie Health Foundation at 905-883-2032 or visit mackenziehealthfoundation.ca/ways-to-give