Gifts of Care Catalogue

By funding the purchase of a piece of equipment, or share of its cost, you make a meaningful contribution to Mackenzie Health Foundation. With just a few clicks, you can choose to fund all or a portion of a piece of much-needed equipment – equipment that can change lives and bring exceptional care close to home.

Surgery & Medicine Inpatient Units

Geriatric Chairs

Exceptional comfort and repositioning for individuals in long-term care.

For some, this chair means relief from chronic pain, for others, it’s continued independence.

Patients seated for extended periods of time need to be comfortable to reduce stress and improve recovery and well-being – absolutely essential to one’s quality of life.


At the heart of Mackenzie Health is a strong sense of community, compassion and a commitment to excellence; values I saw expressed every single day of my stay.”

— Mary Granicolo, patient