Life-Saving Technology

Born and raised in York Region, Ron Draycott’s passion for golf emerged at an early age. The sport – even more than his first love, hockey – has transformed his life in more ways than one.

Ron, 24, is now a professional golfer and he plays on courses across Canada, including Ottawa where he now lives. His success has come at an unexpected cost however; golf has led him to Mackenzie Health’s Emergency a few times with some serious injuries.

“Playing hockey when I was growing up, I expected to get injured – and I did,” he says. “My grandfather suggested I give golf a try for a change of pace. Little did I know that golf would lead to more serious injuries than I ever experienced with hockey.”

While on the course with friends one day in 2012, he was hit in the ear by a golf ball which knocked him momentarily unconscious and caused him excruciating pain. He was rushed by ambulance to Mackenzie Health’s Emergency where a hematoma was removed. Subsequently, he required an emergency CT scan of his head to determine if he had further damage. It ruled out a skull fracture and confirmed he needed another procedure to remove additional clots.

“Without that CT scan, I would not be where I am today."

" I am fully recovered, but I will never forget the patience, compassion and skill of the CT technologists who cared for me at Mackenzie Health."

– Ron Draycott, grateful patient

Although shaken by the experience, Ron didn’t let his injury get in his way. It took months to restore his balance and hearing, but he returned to golf.

Ron remains an avid golfer and a student in the professional golf management program at Humber College. Ron will soon graduate and looks forward to a long career as a professional golfer.

“I’m grateful to Mackenzie Health for getting me literally back on my feet and on the course again,” he says. “It’s a great feeling to know I can rely on my community hospital when I need it the most.”

Transforming Lives with Technology

A CT scanner is life-saving technology used by radiologists to detect, diagnose and monitor illnesses such as internal bleeding, cancer, stroke and heart disease.

More than 27,000 scans are performed annually on children and adults at Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital.

Mackenzie Health has two CT scanners and one urgently needs to be replaced.

A new sophisticated CT scanner will offer countless benefits to both patients and physicians, including:

  • Faster scanning;
  • Superior diagnostic capability;
  • Lower radiation dosage;
  • Determining when surgery is necessary and reducing the need for exploratory surgery.

Our Special Appeal

Mackenzie Health Foundation is seeking $2 million from the community to purchase and install an urgently required CT scanner at Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital this year. Together, we can provide exceptional care for our families, friends, neighbours and community.
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