Caring Starts Here

Everyone’s cancer journey is as unique as they are;  your support can help ease their way.

It all started with a lump…

bevmorra_webBev Morra’s cancer journey began in 2000. She was 50 when her family doctor discovered a lump in her left breast.

“I was always a healthy person. The only time I went to the hospital was to have my kids.”

When Bev’s fears were confirmed, even though cancer ran in her family, the news was shattering. Every day, 25 people in our region will be told they have cancer. They are our friends, family, neighbours, ourselves. The diagnosis is always overwhelming. With your support, we can make their journey easier by delivering exceptional care, close to home.

Mackenzie Health is part of a network of service providers that make up Cancer Care Ontario’s Central Regional Cancer Program. Six central regional hospitals work together to meet the cancer care needs of the region by providing world-class cancer treatment, close to home – at their community hospital. Mackenzie Health provides treatment annually to more than 3,000 patients with a variety of cancer types, including breast, prostate, stomach and colorectal.

In addition to cancer screening programs, services at Mackenzie Health range from diagnosis and treatment – including surgery and chemotherapy – to recovery and, when necessary, palliative care. Every patient’s care plan is as individual as they are, but they all need a strong support system to help them through.

Our dedicated  team of physicians and clinical staff provide comprehensive, highly specialized care to cancer patients in active treatment, remission and the advanced stages of their disease.

“I felt so supported by the team at Mackenzie Health,” Bev said. “They were there to answer our questions and lay out our next steps, throughout. I also made some great friends among the other patients. It is amazing, the bonds you develop over such a life-changing experience.”

Today Bev is vibrant and active, routinely taking motorcycle trips with her husband and friends. Since her first diagnosis in 2000, Bev is grateful to have been able to obtain the majority of her care at Mackenzie Health, close to home.

Leading the way with your gift

Mackenzie Health is investing in care at every stage of the patient’s cancer care journey to ensure that we have the ability to provide care, close to home. Our $2.5-million appeal will enhance our cancer care services by investing in the tools, equipment, programs and facilities necessary to meet patient needs today, tomorrow and for years to come.

The investment you make today will ensure Mackenzie Health has the capacity to provide exceptional care to the estimated 200,000 people in our region who likely will, at some point in their lives, rely on our cancer care services.

Together, we can ensure our friends, family and neighbours can access timely, safe, high-quality and compassionate cancer services in a more personal and familiar setting, close to home – at our community hospital.