Mackenzie Health physicians and staff are demonstrating how exceptional we can be together. Sharing a vision of providing a world-class health experience close to home, a growing number of Mackenzie Health physicians and staff are supporting the Exceptional Care Belongs Here campaign by building a vibrant internal culture of generosity.

As generous donors, as directors on Mackenzie Health Foundation’s board of directors, as members of the campaign cabinet, as advocates speaking to patients and donors, as ambassadors at events, as participants in special and community events, physicians and staff are joining the campaign with enthusiasm to help build and equip Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital and advance care at Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital.

Together, we celebrated the leadership of the Professional Staff Association, which made a generous gift pledge of $20,000 to the campaign.

Mackenzie Care Givers

Mackenzie Health physicians Chief and Medical Director of Internal Medicine Dr. Kar Cheong Lee, Interventional Radiologist, Diagnostic Imaging Dr. Peter Stroz, and Minimally Invasive Surgeon Dr. Luke Bui have all taken leaderships roles as early ambassadors and volunteers for the Foundation’s Exceptional Care Belongs Here campaign. Dr. Bui and Dr. Stroz are also members of the campaign cabinet.

Dr. Carol Redstone, Association President, said, “Our members recognize the crucial and valuable role that the Foundation plays in assisting us in providing excellent care to our patients. It is with this heart of gratitude that the PSA is happy to donate.”

“We, as physicians, have to be leaders in this important cause.”

Mackenzie Health’s pediatrics department was the first to achieve full campaign participation from 100 per cent of their physicians. Chief of Pediatrics Dr. David Gryn said, “We, as physicians, have to be leaders in this important cause of donating to the hospital and in the culture of philanthropy across the community that we serve.”

Hundreds of staff chose to support Mackenzie Health by raising funds as signature events participants, including Lisa Bowen, coordinator of environmental services and staff recognition with Sodexo.

Lisa has been a longtime donor, participant and now a committee volunteer with Richview Manor’s Strides for Stroke.

After several people in her life had been touched by heart conditions, Lisa felt compelled to support vital health services in her community.

She has lead more than 100 fellow staff, management, friends and family to the event in support of Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital and the future Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital.

Lisa Bowen

Lisa Bowen, coordinator of environmental services and staff recognition with Sodexo, has fun supporting Mackenzie Health by building a team, raising funds and volunteering as a committee member for Richview Manor’s Strides for Stroke