Inspirational Champions

Mackenzie Health Foundation is delighted to announce the Professional Staff Association (PSA) has come aboard as champions of our Culture of Generosity initiative, leaving an inspirational and influential mark on our Exceptional Care Belongs Here campaign.

Please join us in celebrating the generosity of the PSA, led by Dr. Carol Redstone, for pledging $20,000 to the campaign. The Foundation is grateful for this gift that further demonstrates the growing support we are receiving from our valued, respected and talented medical leaders.

“It is an absolute pleasure for the Foundation to partner with all of you in this important project for the region, Foundation President and CEO Ingrid Perry says. “As physicians, you have extraordinary vision for ensuring our community has access to the very best health care close to home.”

More than $48 million has been raised toward our campaign goal, thanks to all of you as our ambassadors, donors, volunteer committee members and event participants.

Together, we are exceptional.

The Professional Staff Association during its $20,000 gift to Mackenzie Health Foundation from left to right: Dr. Steven Jackson, Altaf Stationwala, Dr. Tom Sull, Dr. Gundars Roze, Dr. Robert Wang, Dr. Carol Redstone and Ingrid Perry.

“Our members recognize the crucial and valuable role that the Foundation plays in assisting us in providing excellent care to our patients.  It is with this heart of gratitude that the PSA is happy to donate of $20,000 to the Exceptional Care Belongs Here campaign. The PSA would like to thank the Foundation for all its great work.”

— PSA President, Dr. Carol Redstone

A Generous Gift

Under the leadership of Chief of Pediatrics Dr. David Gryn, every physician in the pediatrics program has made a gift to the $250-million campaign to help build and equip Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital and enhance care at Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital, according to Mackenzie Health Foundation President and CEO Ingrid Perry.

As a physician at Mackenzie Health for eight years, Dr. Gryn says he feels a personal responsibility to support the campaign that will help build a new hospital that will serve the rapidly growing community in southwest York Region.

As physicians who know first-hand that investments in patient care have widespread and far-reaching impact, they are emerging as early leaders, advocates and ambassadors for our Exceptional Care Belongs Here campaign.

Quite simply, they truly believe that exceptional care belongs here. Their support to our campaign, combined with incredible talent and a passion for what they do, is ensuring that Mackenzie Health’s tiniest patients and their families will have the best care in their time of need.

Ingrid Perry

President and CEO, Mackenzie Health Foundation

Mackenzie  Health pediatricians (from left) Chief of Pediatrics – Dr. David Gryn, Dr. Chengning Wang, Dr. Jeffrey Weisbrot, Dr. Maksim Kirtsman,Dr. Charlene Stirling, Dr. Gerald Friedman, Dr. Krishanthi Gunawardena, Dr. Gerald Ho, Dr. Amani Roushdi, Dr. Norman Blustein.

” I really believe strongly in the mission of the hospital and in the Foundation’s goal of helping to ensure we have the infrastructure and equipment we need to meet our community’s needs. We, as physicians, have to be leaders in this important cause of donating to the hospital and in the culture of philanthropy across the community that we serve.”

– Dr. David Gryn, Chief of Pediatrics

Connected to Community

Dr. Kar Cheong Lee’s roots in the community – and at his community hospital – run deep.
A resident of Richmond Hill since he was 10 years old, Kar Cheong and his family have lived, worked and received care here for more than two decades.

That connection has inspired Kar Cheong to take a leadership role at Mackenzie Health as Chief of Medicine and as a member of the foundation’s board of directors.

A general internist, he returned to York Region and a position at Mackenzie Health to be close to family and friends.

Always active in the organization, Kar Cheong’s role as past-president of the professional staff association provided him with the opportunity to serve on the Mackenzie Health Foundation Board.

He has continued in this capacity, though he is no longer required to do so. He is most inspired by the tremendous opportunity to continue to improve care and the patient experience.

Dr. Kar Cheong Lee

Dr. Kar Cheong Lee, Chief and Medical Director of Internal Medicine (left); Dr. Peter Stroz, Medical Director, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services, and Dr. Luke Bui; Minimally Invasive Surgeon have made an early commitment to the campaign.

“I have such strong ties to this community. I was raised here and over the years have received care at Mackenzie Health. This is where my wife and I plan to bring up our own children. I think that’s key to why I applied for the role as chief, as a way to continue working to improve patient care and maintain this deep community connection. I decided to remain on the foundation board to help engage other physicians in supporting the foundation (whether with time or financially). In terms of leadership, this new role enables me to change and improve things to provide patient-focused care. My colleagues and I have the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life at a time when they are sick and in need of guidance. It’s a privilege.”

– Dr. Kar Cheong Lee